Titanium / Nickel & Alloy

Titanium / Nickel & Alloy

Our titanium coils, sheets, strip, plates, bars, rounds, squares, hexagon tubing and pipes are consistent with EN, DIN, ASTM, AMS and Mill Standards.

Product Specification and Size :

Titanium seamless tubes

Standard Available Material Size
ASME / ASTM SB/B338, B337, B861, B862
AMS 4943, 4944, 4945
GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4, GR.7, GR.9, GR.12 1~114 x 0.3~8 x 18000mm max.
Tubes are subject to 100% ultrasonic testing, flatten & flaring test

Titanium Bars

Produce standard Available Material Size
ASTM B348, B381, F67, F136, Mil-T 9047
AMS4928, 4919
GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4, GR.5, GR.9, GR.12, 6A1-4V Eli, Ti-6-2-4-2 Dia 5~300 x 6000mm max.
Bars are subject to 100% ultrasonic testing as per AMS2631 ClassA1, Class B

Titanium Sheet & Plate & Coil

Produce standard Available Material Size
ASME / ASTMSB / B265 / F136 / AMS4911, 4919, Mil-T-9046 GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4, GR.5, GR.7, GR.9, GR.12, Ti-6242 Cold rolled sheet: 0.4~5 x 1000 max x 2400mm max Hot rolled plate: 5~80 x 3000 max x 6000mm max Cold rolled coil: 0.4~3 x 1350 x coil, coil weight: 3~5 mt Hot rolled coil: 3~12 x 1500 x coil

Titanium Disk & Ring

Standard Available Material Size
ASTM B348, B381 AMS4928 GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4, GR.5, GR.7, GR.12, 6Al-4V Eli Disk: High 35~110mm x OD150~700mm Ring: High 10~700mm x OD50~3000mm x ID30~2900mm

Titanium Wires

Standard Available Material Size
AWS A5, 16, AMS ISO5832 GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4, GR.5, GR.7, GR.9, GR.12, GR23 Dia. 0.05~7.0mm x coil

Titanium Ingots

Available Material Size
GR.1, GR.2, GR.5, GR.7, GR.9, GR.12 Dia. to 650mm

Nickel Alloy Tube & Bar

Available Material
Inconel Alloy Incoloy Alloy Monel Alloy
Inconel 600, Inconel 625 Incoloy 800, Incoloy 800H, Incoloy 825, Incoloy 925 Monel 400, Monel K-500


Titanium is widely used due to the fact that it has a number of advantages compared to other metals:

1. Low-density
2. Corrosion-resistant
3. High strength to weight ratio
4. Good high-temperature properties
5. Melting point of roughly 3,032°F (1,667°C)
6. High specific strength
7. Low elasticity modulus
8. Good workability
9. Singular biocompatibility
10. Good capability for decoration and a very good image

CP-Titanium and Titanium alloys have been proven to be technologically superior and cost-effective materials, in a wide variety of applications.
The classification is as follows:
ALPHA group Grade 1, 2, 3, 7, 11
ALPHA-BETA group Grade 5, 9, 12, 23
BETA group Grade 19, 2


The largest user of titanium products is the aerospace industry, but there is a wide range of other industries to see titanium as an important material.

- Condensers for power plant
- Heat exchangers
- Desalination
- Chemical processing
- Ti -Anodes
- Architectural material (roofing, ceiling, exterior wall panels)
- Flue gas desulfurization systems
- Wastewater treatment
- Pulp and paper industry
- Medical & Surgical implants
- Aircraft industry
- Automotive industry ( parts & exhaust tube)
- Watches/Jewellery, Architecture